Saturday, May 28, 2011

Price Increase Alert!

Oh my, I have just found out that many major designer labels will be having their price increases effective next week! Click on to read which designers will be increasing their prices...
Sad to say, some of my favourite designers will be increasing their prices. It's pretty funny to find out that they are all increasing their prices next week! So here it goes...

Effective June 1st, 2011, the following designer labels will be increasing their prices:

Chanel-The increase includes all classic handbags; including the GST as well. It has been reported that the increase is as much as 20%.

Christian Dior-The increase includes all leather goods and handbags as well as shoes. The price hike will include the Panarea totes.

Fendi-The price increase applies to the Peek-a-boo handbags.

Effective June 2nd, 2011, the following designer labels will be increasing their prices:

Louis Vuitton-All leather goods and accessories excluding footwear.

Bottega Veneta has already increased their prices at the beginning of this month. Most permanent styles in all colors, fashion and classic were included in the price increase.

It is ridiculous with all these price increases. My guess is that all these designers want to keep their exclusivity to a certain market. I could have sworn that some of these designers had their price increases earlier this year! There goes my dreams of owning a Chanel flap and Lady Dior!

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