Monday, May 23, 2011

Sexy Things: Corto Moltedo Python XS Tassle Chain Clutch

I've been into clutches recently, and when I walked around The Room at The Bay, I noticed these really pretty-looking clutches on one of the mannequins; and in an acid green colour I might add. Perfect for Spring!

As I approached the clutch on display, I immediately noticed the details that the item had. Gold hardware and delicate chain, perfect to hole on your hand or carry on your shoulder; exquisite python skin wrapped around the clutch, and it is available in a variety of colours; and last but not least, the detail that sets it apart from other box clutches out there: a dangling tassle in the same python colour and skin as the body of the clutch. Wow. Just wow. I fell in love with it immediately. Well, for a working University student, purchasing such a luxury is out of the question since I hardly go out to cocktail and fancy events. One can only dream, right? For those of you who have the money, you can purchase these beauties at The Room at The Bay.

*Pictures are the property and owned by Corto Moltedo.*

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