Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boy Chanel Collection

Channeling a different look and design from their usual classic quilted flap handbags, Chanel has come up with a new handbag collection called "Boy Chanel Collection". Even though the designs are different than what we'd expect from the coveted luxury fashion label, the new handbags exude an elegance, timeless and sophistication that Chanel is best known for.

Initially when I read the name of the collection, I honestly thought that Chanel has come up with a handbag line for men; boy, was I wrong! At first glance, I really didn't feel the Chanel-esque of the new designs, but the more I look at them, the more I really like them. I am actually quite excited to see these handbags in person! I'm quite glad that Chanel has ventured into a different design and outlook since almost every women has been sporting the classic quilt flaps.

I'm impressed with the fact that the Boy Chanel Collection is simple and clean in aesthetic, but very bold and noticeable. One look at these bags and one will know for sure it's from Chanel! The new handbags are made of calfskin and comes comes in three different sizes, with the smallest being used as a purse and the largest being used as a tote. These handbags are versitile in a sense that they can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag. Colours include intense black, lipstick red, ivory, grey as well as lead green. With a size and colour selection so wide, it's really hard to choose which handbag is fit for you! A release date has not been mentioned, but keep checking your local Chanel boutique frequently for new releases and availability!

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