Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dream Closets

Every fashion lover has a dream closet. What would my dream closet look like? Hmmm...
If I ever had unlimited resources (i.e. money), my dream closet would be spacious and very bright. I would love to have windows in my closet as well! Large mirrored sliding doors would encompass the perimeter of the space, and gorgeous crystal chandeliers would drop from the ceiling. On one end of the wall would house a lit vanity; perfect for putting on makeup without leaving the closet space and it would also save a lot of time. I would have a separate wall for handbags and another for shoes. Everything would be very neat and organized!

A girl can only dream of a wonderful and beautiful closet...mines is nothing compared to the dream closet that I have just described. My closet right now? It's a walk-in alright, but it's very messy and disorganized. Actually, I have 2 closets in my home since I have so many clothes! Can you say it's perfect timing for a Spring clean? Yup.

*Pictures found on Google images*

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  1. When it comes to dreaming your closet, there is no limit to it! Dreaming is free so we have all the right to conjure the best images of our closet in our minds. I have seen some closets that I liked here and I hope in the near future I could have one!