Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holt Renfrew to Carry Miu Miu and Mulberry

Speaking of Miu Miu...Yes, that's right! It's Official! Miu Miu AND Mulberry will be coming to Holt Renfrew in the near future!!! Okay, let me rephrase that: Mulberry is already offered at Holt Renfrew while Miu Miu will be joining real soon! Can you hear my heartbeat jump for joy? I certainly can!
To compete with the ever-changing Hudson's Bay Company, Holt Renfrew has added two new and highly in-demand designer labels to Canada! I checked out Holt Renfrew on Bloor St. on the weekend, and Mulberry is already stocked up on the shelves! Although the selection is fairly small, you won't be disappointed seeing the lovely Alexa bag on the shelf! So if you've been coveting the Alexa for a long time and wished it were here in the GTA, now's your chance to grab one!

As for Miu Miu, I've been told that Holt Renfrew will be providing a boutique space for the brand next to its sister brand Prada. But don't have any high hopes for it coming this year...I've also been told that Miu Miu will be coming next Fall. So another year or so until Miu Miu comes to Toronto, but it's better than nothing right?! Miu Miu was stocked at Holt Renfrew a few years ago until it was pulled off the shelves simply because the designer label wanted exclusive rights to their own boutiques only; boutiques that were only available in the Unnited States. Now, we don't have to worry since it's coming back to Canada! Apparently, Miu Miu has been doing much better in terms of sales than Prada due to it's young and youthful vibe and market. I can't wait! If there's anymore news coming up about the new Miu Miu opening, I will keep you guys posted!

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