Thursday, May 19, 2011

6 Questions with Stacey Zhang

A little while ago, I attended the launch of Stacey Zhang's Queen Street W. boutique and had the opportunity to interview her. I was lucky to get a chance to ask a few questions since I have not heard of her line before. Stacey was very sweet and I enjoyed having a chat with her! Click after the jump to read my exclusive interview with Stacey Zhang!
PP: What made you decide to become a fashion designer?
SZ: I just love clothing since I was little. I always loved to dress myself and make clothes for myself. It was all that I could think about. It was very simple. I didn’t have to think twice!

PP: So you’re a Montreal-based designer. What made you decide to move to Toronto?
SZ: We had a lot of requests from Toronto-based clientele, and I’ve always loved Toronto; it’s very fast-paced. There are a lot of things around in the city, and it’s mainly the requests from the customers.

PP: Do you currently live in Toronto?SZ: I’m going to be based in both cities, so I’ll be back-and-forth!

PP: What was your inspiration for your current/newest collection?
SZ: My Spring collection was based business chic mixed with a little girly fun. The whole point is that if you want to wear something to work and if you want to go out to a party after work, you don’t’ have to go home and get changed or dressed. You just have to twist it a little bit or change it a little bit the way you wear things and you’re ready to go! That’s the thing I try to do more; make the pieces more versatile so you can have different wardrobes for different occasions-one piece for all.

PP: Your clothing is made from organic materials. Tell me about that.
SZ: I do use organic cotton and I also use natural materials like silk and linen, cashmere.

PP: Other than designing, do you have a special talent that few people know about?
SZ: I’m a good cook! I like to cook all different kinds of things. I like to entertain and I like to have people over and  cook for friends.

I would like to give a very special thank you to Stracey Zhang for taking the time to answer all my questions! If you have the time and are in the area, visit the Stacey Zhang boutique on Queen St. W! Visit Stacey Zhang's official website for more on her clothing line!

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