Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sexy Things: Alexander McQueen Python and Leather Cut-Out Booties

Yes, I have an admiration of all things 'McQueen'; which ultimately could lead to a deathly addiction. I tend to associate McQueen as very sought after and very luxury high-end. Something about Alexander McQueen's clothing and accessories intrigue me, and this is the reason why I chose another item of the very popular fashion house as my sexy thing. Oh yeah, I'm talkin' about the python and leather cut-out booties!

These booties are uberly gorgeous; they are very dainty, feminine yet very edgy and modern. The think I like about Alexander McQueen is the detailing, The buckle and stud detailing is put together very well, and the ivory colour paired with gold hardware is just exquisite. I saw these on Net-a-Porter, and apparently they are on sale, but even at 40% off, they are still very, very unobtainable!. Ah, the glory of admiring from afar...

*Images from Net-a-Porter*

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