Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stacey Zhang Launch Party

A week ago I went to Stacey Zhang's launch party for her brand new boutique that just opened up on Queen St. Even though the weather was still gloomy and wet in Toronto, I managed to come out to give full support for this wonderful designer, and it was so worth it!
Stacey Zhang is a Montreal based designer who is a firm believer in using sustainable fabrics in her designs. Such fabrics used in her clothing include bamboo and organic cotton just to name a few. With a new Toronto boutique added to her belt, there's really no stopping for Stacey!

When I first walked into Stacey's new boutique, I felt like I was in a European boutique (not that I've been to Europe). The space was light, bright, welcoming and very modern and feminine. I really loved the pink curtains in the fitting rooms; which gave the boutique a little POP of colour. It made me feel like a modern princess!

While browsing through Stacey's Spring/Summer 2011 collection, I noticed how lightweight the fabrics were immediately. I was in love! The bright colour combinations on the racks were a perfect choice for the warm weather-my favourite was the apricot green colour which looked extremely good against my olive skin tone I might add. I was particularly attached to a certain green dress (the sleeveless dress with belt detailing to be exact) in which I was itching to try on myself, and I was impressed! Aside from the lightweight material of bamboo and the bright green colour in which I adored, the dress was very well fitted and very flattering considering it was not a flowy dress. The pockets added some functionality to the dress as well. I love pockets, and I was pleased to find a dress with pockets, which is a rarity.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Stacey Zhang's launch party, which consisted of champagne, macaroons and good company. Stacey's clothes do not disappoint considering that her pieces were reasonably priced, her clothes were very functional (you can simply take pieces and turn from a day outfit into an evening outfit in a snap of a finger), and best of all, they are Earth-friendly through the use of sustainable fabrics! I also had the opportunity to interview Stacey as well (watch out for an additional post on that!) which provided great insight on her label and herself as a designer.

Check out Stacey Zhang's brand new boutique located on 292 Queen St. W. For more on the label and her collection, visit her official website!

I would like to thank Faulhaber PR for the lovely invite to this event, as well as Stacey Zhang who graciously took the time to answer my questions. She was extremely lovely!

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