Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Killer Winter Gear: Jackets

In a city with an abundant number of Geese (Canada Goose, that is), one would want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to warding off extremely cold weather. Fortunately, more and more companies are stepping up the game to compete with the one and only, Canada Goose. To be honest, I am sick of seeing every single person rocking the Goose. Sure they may be warm, and come in different colours and styles, but there are alternatives that look just as great as well as do the job too. Here is a compiled list of winter worthy jackets.

Moose Knuckles
Yes, the name sounds wrong-but it's not what it seems to be. In fact, Will Poho; founder of the brand, conjured up the name through his love of hockey (knuckles represents a hockey fight) and moose as a Canadian animal, hence Moose-Knuckles. Aside from the name and the testicle-looking logo, this jacket is wonderful! I personally own the Debbie bomber in red, and I absolutely love it! What gives this jacket an edge is its pompoms and white artic fox fur trim on the hood. I wear this jacket everyday, and it keeps me toasty warm, even with a tank top on. Moose Knuckles comes in bomber and parka styles as well as for both genders and is currently is sold at StyleXchange, The Bay, Mendocino and Ugly Duckling. FYI, The Bay is currently having the women's jackets on clearance at 50% off. Mendocino also has these jackets on sale as well.

My second choice after the Moose Knuckles would be Nobis. Also a Canadian brand, Nobis jackets are really good-looking, and they do look quite different than the bomber styles of Canada Goose and Moose Knuckles. These jackets are waterproof and windproof, and have down filling as well as a fleece lining to keep you toasty and warm. The plus for this jacket is that is extremely light in weight. I was surprised myself when I held up this jacket! Size wise, I would opt a size smaller if I were to go for this jacket, especially in the bomber style. I usually fit an xs, but when I tried it, it was a bit too big. My favourite style from Nobis would be the trench coat style. It is definitely unique and stare-worthy. I love the fur trim on the hood as well. Very fluffy and extravagant looking! My favouite colour would be white. Nobis is currently sold at Showroom and TNT. FYI, TNT is currently having Nobis on sale at 30% off the original price!

Soia & Kyo
Another brand that I personally love is Soia & Kyo. These jackets are warm, cute, stylish and at a much more affordable price than the others. Based in Montreal, Soia & Kyo jackets comes in different styles, fabrics, and colours as well. I personally own a down jacket and a wool jacket from this brand. You really can't go wrong with these jackets! Soia & Kyo pieces are currently sold at Sporting Life, Mendocino, Girl Friday Clothing, and Over the Rainbow.

A bit more on the expensive side, Parajumpers offers a style that is unique apart from Canada Goose, and the fur trim on these jackets are to die for. Although Parajumpers are getting increasingly popular, they are still a good alternative. Personally, I would not pay over $1000 for a winter jacket; considering winter is only a couple months per year. But if you have money to burn, then this jacket is for you. Parajumpers is currently sold at Sporting Life, Due West and TNT. Like Canada Goose, these jackets are never on sale. I did come across one Parajumper jacket on sale at TNT for 30% off the original price last week.

The godfather of all winter jackets would have to be Moncler. Uberly expensive, these jackets are supremely light in weight and not to mention shiny to the eyes. You know you're a baller when you sport these jackets! Like the above, Moncler rarely goes on sale (I have yet to see one that is on sale) and if you have a ridiculous amount of money to burn, this jacket is for you! They go from $1300+ a pop. Moncler is currently sold at Due West (Next Door) and Holt Renfrew.

Post a comment on your opinions on these jackets, and if you're a Canada Goose fan, you're more than welcome to comment as well! If there's any other brand that you would like to share, please do!

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  1. Awesome post! I haven't heard of some of these brands. I must confess - I'm a Canada Goose girl. Hope you're enjoying your Moose Knuckles jacket...you got such a great deal on it!

  2. Haha, thank you for your support S! Yes, I am enjoying my Moose Knuckles very much-and to snag it on a deal...even better!

  3. the red Moose-Knuckles look so alluring!! i have never seen it yet! must be a show stopper!!! i have Canada Goose for a 2-3 winters now and still can't part with it. i also have a Mackage puffy and this year, i went for a classic Moncler! all my jackets are warm but the Moncler beats all of them, it fits well and is SO light weight!

    hey i heard the people that started Nobis used to work for Canada Goose. they tried to make CG more fashion forward, but the company refused hence the reason they parted ways. could be just rumors though..=S

  4. I've never tried on the Moncler, but you're right, they are really light weight!

    Oh, wow...I've never knew that even though it was a rumour.

    Thanks for sharing Queenie =)