Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amanda Lew Kee Spring 2011 Collection Launch @ Jacflash

On a cold winter evening, Jacflash held an event which featured Amanda Lew Kee's new Spring 2011 collection, and it sure did not disappoint. The event itself was phenomenal, and the refreshments were generous (who doesn't love cupcakes, vitamin water and vodka?!) I trekked out in the snow with my gal pals in anticipation of the event to support Amanda Lew Kee. It was so worth it! Upon arrival at Jacflash, I did not know what to expect, as this was one of my first fashion events to attend to. We were there about 30 minutes early, which gave us plenty of time to roam around and try stuff on at this chic little boutique. The sales associates were friendly and welcoming, as they greeted each and every guest that entered through the door and offered refreshments. The decor of Jacflash was simplistic, modern and unique. I adored the chandelier over the cash desk. It added an extra special touch to the store! The store displays and mannequins were well dressed and placed, and clothing items ranged from knit cardigans to (faux) fur jackets and vests. Having opened up shop for 3 years, Jacflash owner Jaclyn Genovese is happy to have the success that she has had.

More and more guests started to arrive, and at the corner of my eye, there she was, the woman of the night. Amanda Lew Kee stepped out and chit chatted with the guests; people I'm assuming she had met and knew before. As any great designer, Amanda dressed in her own flair for fashion. She wore one of her designs-a tank top-style maxi dress which screamed summer, and she wore her signature bright ice blue lipstick, which was very eye catching. As I approached Amanda, I was extremely nervous, but when I introduced myself to her, she was very friendly, but seemed quiet and reserved (modesty is rare when it comes to successful people). I asked to take a picture with her as well as have a quick interview for my blog and she happily obliged. I went ahead and took out my camera, and pressed video recording, and right away she asked me if I was video recording her (since she gets nervous in front of the camera), but I said that I didn't have a recorder; I just wanted something to remember her answers by. After the interview, I went around to mingle with the other guests.

Overall, I loved the event, and hope to support Amanda Lew Kee more in the future! Her spring collection was edgy yet feminine, which included soft pastel colours-a different approach from her collection last fall which was leaned towards a rocker style which consisted of black fabric and leather with spike detailing. Amanda has an exquisite taste for fabric since every single design consisted of soft-to-the-touch cotton like fabric which was to die for.I did wish that there was more selection of her clothing pieces, since there was only one rack and a handful of bracelets, but nonetheless, this event was a success! Thank you Jacflash for having me and my gal pals join the event. Thank you to Amanda Lew Kee for taking the time for my quick interview. Thank you to M and V for coming to support me, and a special thanks to C for coming with me in support of my blog as well as helping me take pictures! As for the perk of the night: an ice blue lip gloss; much like Amanda's lipstick, but much more wearable for everyday!

Amanda Lew Kee's Quickie Interview:

Q-When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
A-I realized I wanted to become a fashion designer in high school- I took a course that I excelled in. The Canadian designers Dean and Dan Caten were a huge inspiration, I had the pleasure of co-hosting an event with them past December in Toronto.

Q-What does fashion mean to you?
A-Life. I relate everything to design and fashion.

Q-Where do you get your inspiration?
A- I find inspiration from personal experience. For SS'11 I was inspired by a trip that I took last year to Muskoka. It was a great escape from the city.

Q-How would you define your personal style?
A- My style is effortlessly edgy.

Q-What are 3 staple pieces that you can't live without?
A-My blue lipstick, my blackberry, and anything leather.

What is Amanda Lew Kee's next project? Look out for her in Toronto Fashion Week nearing the end of March!

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    1. Looks like you had an amazing time!! Great write-up and photos. ;)

    2. Thanks S, we did have a great time =)