Sunday, January 23, 2011

Killer Winter Gear: Boots

Another important staple that everyone (that includes both genders, not just females) should have during the winter months are boots. Now, I know what you're saying: how can winter boots keep you warm AND be stylish at the same time? Easy. Along with Uggs, more brands are coming out with winter boots that are sure to please. Here are a couple of brands that I think are very eye-catching:

Ugg Australia
Ok, I just had to add this brand onto the list, because I myself personally love wearing Uggs. Many folks wished that these boots were a faux pas since they well, look ugly. To be honest, I think they look quite cute, especially with the right outfit on. Obviously if one were to wear overly baggy sweatpants and hoodie and were to sport Uggs, it would look pretty bad. Uggs look rather cute with a sweater dress or a wool skirt with tights and a light cardigan. Would you think that looks ugly now? I think not. Uggs are very warm and feel soft to the touch, much like a spa treatment for your feet; but I'd avoid wearing these babies when it is wet and nasty out. My old pair got trashed due to that. By this time, Uggs are sold practically everywhere, but to name a few stores that carry them-Browns, Little Burgundy, Town Shoes, The Bay, Over the Rainbow.

Mou, a relatively new brand that emerged, also carries sheepskin boots. Unlike the Uggs, Mou boots are very stylish and unique. I really love the detailing of the stitching of these boots. Many celebrities such as Gwyneth paltrow have been seen sporting this brand. These boots are very good quality, and it is soft to the touch, much like the Uggs. If you don't want to spend $300 for a pair of Uggs, then you should opt for Mou! (You also get the glory of looking different than everyone else on the street as well). Mou are currently sold at Capezio, Little Burgundy, and Holt Renfrew. FYI, they are currently on sale at all these locations, so hurry and grab them before they're gone!

Austalia Luxe
Although I am relatively new to knowing this brand, I have noticed it on store shelves, and boy, when they say Luxe, they mean it. These boots are out of this world, and are very different from the last 2 brands mentioned. Also made from sheepskin, these boots are quite a showstopper as some contain swarovski crystals and studs. Australia Luxe is on the expensive side, but unlike Uggs, they go on sale. Currently sold at Town Shoes and Due West (Next Door), they are indeed on sale at Next Door. Sizes are limited, so I'd call in to check if I were you!

More on the function side rather than style, Sorel boots are made for the winter. Waterproof, these boots are heavy duty and keep your feet warm as well. They come in different colours, patterns and styles to choose from. You really can't go wrong when it comes to real winter boots like these! Sorel boots are currently cold at Browns and Sporting Life.

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