Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SSS: Prince Charm-ing

Buffalo hoodie/Lacoste t-shirt
This SSS isn't of me, but I thought it would be fun to post a pic of this. Yes, that is my boyfriend, and he seems to have something dangling on his hoodie zipper...
 ...A dangling charm! I know, guys don't have that much in terms of accessorizing themselves, but I thought that that I would share a neat idea to my readers: to have a little dangling charm on a zipper of a hoodie or jacket. Genius? You tell me! Well, I picked out the charm out of a box in Silver Snail; a comic store on Queen St. Near the cash register, there's usually some little boxes of toys and whatnot on the counter, and there were these little charms all wrapped in their little wrappers in a box. My boyfriend couldn't help but want one for himself, and so I picked one from the box, and out came a bomb charm. He loved it! What did I do next? Place the charm on the zipper of the hoodie that he was wearing at the moment, and tadaah! A little accessory to vamp up his outfit. (Girls can do this as well, of course). You can practically find little charms like these anywhere. Juicy Couture and Swarovski has some really cute ones for females. Try it out for yourself!

Yours truly,


  1. nice! we have the same thinking..last year i got myself a Juicy leather biker jacket and i replaced the zipper by a crystallized charm. since a few fell off because of my constant wearing of the jacket, i bought a new Juicy charm for this season..a bone colored skull with crystals in the eye sockets. heheh

    will try to make my bf try it! lol

  2. Great minds think alike Queenie! I LOVE Juicy charms...they're soo cute! I love skulls as well. Will have to look out for it hehe.

    Yes, get your bf to try it! My bf loves his =P I should go out and get more for him haha