Sunday, April 17, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld for Diet Coke

Karl Lagerfeld has once disclosed that he lost weight due to drinking diet coke, and now the designer himself designed some limited edition diet coke bottles for the pop-loving fashionista! Canadian model Coco Rocha; one of the world's current IT models, teams up with Karl to shoot a campaign especially for the drink brand.

The ad campaign was created and shot by Karl himself, so it's no wonder that you see a bit of Karl Lagerfeld-ness in the pics. I really love the fun and quirky feel of the ad campaign, especially how the bottles come in bright pink and white stripes, stars and polka dots. Makes me feel like a kid again. The new bottles represent three characters, which are present in the ad. The limited edition bottles will be available in June. In the meantime, enjoy the pics-I've also included last year's campaign and a 'behind the scenes' video of the new campaign just for fun.

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