Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sexy Things: Dior VIII Timepieces

Just when things seem to be questionable for iconic fashion house Christian Dior due to a certain scandal last month, out comes a new line of luxury timepieces that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Dior recently revealed a new line of watches called Dior VIII, and I am in awe! Such luxury and timelessness all in one.

Bringing back the historical roots of the famed fashion house, Dior VIII timepieces consist of ceramic pyramid-like bracelet (said to represent the iconic Lady Dior handbag) and encrusted diamonds on the watch face. (I smell wow-factor here!) The number 'eight' is known to be a lucky number for Christian Dior (who was a superstitious person), and hopefully this is a new start for the Dior name. Actress Charlize Theron will be the new face of the Dior VIII ad campaign, and I must say she is a fab choice for the label (not that I have anything against Sharon Stone, of course).

 Dior VIII watches will begin at approximately $4,000+ depending on the design and how 'blinged' out it will be. Dior VIII will be offered in select Dior boutiques around the world beginning of June, and will be available in two sizes: 33mm and 38mm. I'm not too sure if they will be offered here in Canada, but I will keep a lookout for them. I would love to own one of these one day...Move over J12, Dior VIII is going to be the next big thing in timepieces!

Check out the Grand Bal versions of the Dior VIII:


*Photo credits to averagejoe and eminere of the Purse Forum*

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