Monday, April 11, 2011

Celeb Style File: Nicole Richie

Being a petite girl myself, I can't help but admire Nicole Richie's style. She is always so well put together...effortless and chic!
Honestly, I didn't give a care for Nicole Richie during her Simple Life days, but recently, she looks great! I never knew motherhood could change her so much (and in a good way too!). Bye bye to her hobo chic style and hello to edgy mama! Most prominent trends of Richie as of recent? Cropped leather jackets, platform heels, Alexander McQueen silk scarves, flowy silk and chiffon blouses and floral print dresses, and a hat/beret to complete the look...need I say more? Hmm let me also add that her favourite handbags include Balenciaga (her collection is to die for), Givenchy as well as Celine. Richie keeps her wardrobe simple but wears the right accessories to add some 'oomph' to her look. She does have a line of costume jewelry and footwear; (House of Harlow, anyone?), so it's no wonder that she's a master in the accessories department. Nicole Richie in my opinion is a wonderful style icon for petite ladies like myself: Note to Nicole-can you please be my stylist?!?!?

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