Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Year In Review

Wow, today officially marks the one year anniversary of Pose+Poise! Can you believe it?! I know I can't! It goes to show how a year can fly by so quick. Let's take a look at the special moments and people that have made 2011 a colourful one for Pose+Poise!
The first event that I went to when I first started this blog was the Amanda Lew Kee Spring Collection Launch at Jacflash, a swanky chic little boutique that I love. To be honest, it was a little nerve-racking when I interviewed the young fashion designer since it was my first time doing such a thing, and I would have to really thank Amanda for the time and patience that she gave me as I struggled recording the interview with my then Blackberry.

The next unforgettable experience that I had was my very first LG Fashion Week! Honestly I was too excited for words when I got to purchase tickets to go watch a fashion show. Which designer did I pick as my first fashion show experience ever? Why of course Sunny Fong's VAWK line! Having heard of Sunny Fong and been a fan of his work, I was ecstatic when I got the chance to interview him for Pose+Poise. Sunny Fong was very friendly and fun to talk to! I also met and exchanged a couple of words with In Fashion's Glen Baxter, who was mingling with guests before the show started.

Another event that I really enjoyed was the Nella Bella Fall/Winter 2011 presentation held at the Design Exchange building. I got to mingle with other fashion bloggers as well as meet and interview Nella Bella's creative director Tarek Al-Azbat. I had a little funny story about this event. My digital camera at the time (I guess I need a new camera) ran out of batteries, and I had to rely on taking pictures on my then Blackberry. I decided to post some of the Blackberry pictures, because it's better than not posting any pictures at all, no?

In early May I had the chance to check out Stacey Zhang's grand opening of her Toronto boutique. Since I have never heard of Stacey Zhang before, I went to the event wanting to find out more about her as a designer as well as get a glimpse of her collection. Boy, was I really happy that I went! I got to meet Stacey herself and she was kind enough to spare some time to do a little interview for me. I was really addicted to her clothes as I tried on some from her collection. My favourite outfit was a lime green/yellow dress which I loved to bits!

Probably one of the most talked about fashion events of 2011 was the TNT 20th Anniversary Celebration where the guest of honour was Ms. Nicole Ritchie; who has her fashion lines Winter Kate and House of Harlow offered at the store. Another pretty funny story that should be mentioned here. After I took a picture with Nicole Ritchie, I attempted to ask her a question about style and fit for petite women (as I am petite myself), but I failed miserably due to being star-struck. I literally got tongue tied and the question came out all wrong! Oh well, at least I got to get a picture with her! I also got to meet Toronto darling Ainsley Kerr (gorgeous woman!) which was also another unforgettable moment of mines.

Ah, the next event was actually pretty fun! It was the Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge! The object of the event was to spend $100 in one hour in Vaughan Mills. I know, it sounds pretty easy, but actually it wasn't when you are in a huge mall like Vaughan Mills and have a limit to spend when you actually want to buy everything!  I've never really been in a competition like this before, and it was such a fun and exhilarating experience for me. I was happy to walk home with my new goods as well as meet other fashion bloggers in the Toronto area.

The next event that I went to was Rita Liefhebber's trunk show at the RAC Boutique in Yorkville. Me being the nerd that I am, I was one of the first few to arrive at this event, and I'm glad that I did, because I got to spend some one-on-one time with the lovely model-turned-designer herself. I was able to get to know her, her fashion line as well as her new collection, which she was featuring. It was a lovely and intimate event, and I was really happy to meet Rita Liehebber since I missed out on meeting her at a prior event.

Nearing the end of 2011, I went to my second LG Fashion Week experience. I went to see Bijoux Caroline NĂ©ron's debut.  Before this event, I questioned about how jewelry is presented in a fashion show, because with jewelry, you would always expect a showcase, a store event or some intimate presentation. I was absolutely amazed by the creativity that the designer has conjured up in order to create this show. It was magical, very pretty and out-of-this world! I honestly felt like I was in a another world when I was watching and admiring this show. I had the best seat in the house; at the edge of the bench so I was lucky enough to capture all the models as they walked out of the runway. Great experience indeed!

One of my last events that I went to in 2011 was the Ukamaku Anniversary event. Held at a cool loft space, this event was intimate, fun and of course fashionable! I really enjoyed the pieces from the TEN collection that the event featured for charity. Really beautiful pieces. What I really enjoyed more was the ultra cool swag bag that I got to take home!

I would like to give special thanks to the readers of Pose+Poise! This blog was started as a means to just post random fashion stuff that I find interesting and fun, and I just want to thank those that support this blog and more. All you fashionistas are the best!

2011 has been an amazing, unforgettable year for me, and I hope 2012 would be equally great! Oh, and before I close this post off, I would like to give an honourable mention to a very special person that I met. A shout out to my bf Sharky; lead designer of JUZD streetwear who I <3 very much!

Yours truly,

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