Friday, June 24, 2011

Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge+GIVE-AWAY!

This is a way overdue post, but I've been busy due to exams and schoolwork that I really haven't had the chance to upload my personal photos from my digital camera. About a month ago, I participated in the Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge, and it was such a fun and exciting competition to take part in!

So the deal was that a bunch of fashion bloggers got to take part in this competition; hence the name of the event being 'New Media Challenge'. We each received a $100 gift card to spend on a fabulous fashion find at Vaughan Mills in a time slot of one hour. I know, it sounds like a lot of time to go around shopping, but when you're in a competition, and in a huge mall like Vaughan Mills, it was definitely pretty hard to get by! I mean, I could spend at least an hour at each store, let alone an hour in the whole mall! The winner receives a $500 gift card to use towards the mall. How sweet is that? Yes, I couldn't refuse!

My partner in crime, M

Love this pillow!

How do I look?

I'm buying it!

I got to drag out my partner in crime, M out with me and she got to take part in the competition as well! So, technically we were against each other, but at the same time, she was there to support me. While waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive (the shuttle runs free daily to Vaughan Mills. Check out the mall's website for more deets on that!), we got to mingle and chat with the other fashion bloggers who took part in the competition. I got to see some familiar faces from other events, which made it even more fun for me.

Got too tired so bought some drinks

Style Agents Janette Ewen and Afiya Francisco

Used my last $2 for a chocolate at Rocky Mountain!

The winner of the competition Joyce, who chose a bright, fun leopard print jumper from H&M

Prior to the day of the event, I had a game plan (I know, I'm so lame!). I wanted to do a theme when considering on purchasing things, and I picked out stores in mind that I would dash into when the competition starts. Knowing that I do not like to be the same as everyone else, I opted to not go into H&M and Forever 21 since I knew everyone will go in there for their fashion find. So, to find a fashion item that's worth less than $100 in a span of one hour...seems easy? I think not!

So, my theme was a perfect day on the beach. I ranted a whole spiel on how and why I chose my theme and items. Yes, I'm pretty nerdy, I know! On summer days, I love going to the beach, and I needed to find some items that would go perfect on a summer's day at the beach. What did I get for $100? I got a nice little sheer white dress that can be worn anytime during the summer, and it is also perfect to wear over a bikini; I got a wide rimmed hat which wasn't too big for my face. This hat helps block out the sun while I nap in the sand. I got a pair of wedge flip flops which is perfect for petite girls like me; short girls need a bit of height! I also got an umbrella that acted as a beach umbrella. Little did I know how useful it was when it rained later in the afternoon. Lucky me! Last but not least, to help me nap in the sand, I need a little pillow, and I found the perfect pillow for me: a piggy pillow! I have a thing for piggies...please don't ask! I find them very cute for words! I think I did a pretty good job finding 5 items for less than $100! That's a steal for me!

My outfit minus the umbrella

In the end, I did not win, but the experience of this whole competition was such a worthwhile one for me. I mean, it was my very first time doing a competition like this, and it was so much fun!

Here are the promo videos of the event:

So as a little gift to my Pose+Poise readers, I am having my very first give-away courtesy of Vaughan Mills and National Public Relations. So, I was able to use $100 and purchase great fashion finds at Vaughan Mills, and now you can too! To enter, just simply post a comment in this posting on what is your summer must have. Then follow Pose+Poise on Twitter and 'Like' Pose+Poise on Facebook. Then follow Vaughan Mills on their Twitter page. Participants must be living within the GTA in order to receive the $100 Vaughan Mills gift card. I've been having some difficulties in posting comments on blogs. If that is your case, just e-mail me your response at Winners will be drawn randomly and will be contacted via e-mail on how to receive the gift card. Please remember to include your e-mail just in case you win, and I need a way to contact you! All submissions must be in by Friday July 15, 2011. The winner will be announced and contacted on the following Monday. Thank you and good luck!

A special thank you to National Public Relations and Vaughan Mills for organizing this fun event!

Yours truly,


  1. omgosh hon this is SOOO FREAKIN' COOL! i would love to attend an event like this.. you look so pretty!! and you look like you had such a fab time!

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  3. You look gorgeous...what an amazing opportunity!!