Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bijoux Caroline Néron's Debut @ LG Fashion Week

I got away from my busy daily schedule to attend a night at the LG Fashion Week tent on a lovely but chilly Thursday evening. I received an invite to Bijoux Caroline Néron's fashion show debut and the whole presentation was absolutely stunning!

I'm usually a sucker for Canadian designers and whenever there is a chance to see a collection from a new designer, you can count me in to be there! Caroline Néron is an actress turned jewelry designer who hails from Quebec. It took her 6 months to prepare her Spring/Summer 2012 collection. For her LG Fashion show debut, Caroline pieced together elements of water, earth and air in a theatrical presentation.

Prior to the fashion show, I always wondered how on earth does one put on a fashion show for jewelry?! I understand having a showcase and all, but a jewelry fashion show really puzzled me. Once the show began, I fully understood and was impressed! Who would've thought to put together jewelry looks and outfits. Genius!

I must admit I was a happy camper because I had the best seat in the house! Why? I was sitting at the edge of the bench and had a first glimpse of all the models walking out onto the runway. How sweet is that?!

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