Monday, August 15, 2011

Rita Liefhebber Trunk Show @ RAC Boutique

Speaking of RAC Boutique, I had this post archived on my list, and never got the chance to put it up due to my busy schedule. Now here it is! In May (boy, does time fly by quick!) I had the chance to stop by the RAC boutique to check out Rita Liefhebber's new Spring collection. I missed out on meeting her at an event @ Jonathan+Olivia a long time ago, so I jumped at this opportunity to meet her and see her new collection!
This was also the first time that I've stepped foot in RAC Boutique as well, and really enjoyed the event. As with every trunk show/fashion event, food is essential to keep the tummy satisfied while one shops, so yummy mini donuts and glasses of bubbly were served. It doesn't hurt to get a little tipsy, right?!

I don't know why, but I was extremely excited to meet Rita! I've read about how she is one of Toronto's up-and-coming young designers online, and it was an honour to chat with the beautiful designer herself. Upon first impression, she is very welcoming, friendly, outgoing, and most importantly, she loves what she does! Mind you, she has been in the fashion business for quite sometime considering she started off as a model.

 Rita looked casually chic as she wears her own designs from her new collection. To sum it all up, her pieces were light, fresh, as well as versatile. With her new collection, you can easily dress from day to night in just seconds. If you look closely, Rita takes great care in her clothing line, as her pieces (she showed me some tops while she was explaining this to me) are handwoven. What I found really incredible was that pieces with the smaller thread takes a week while pieces using the larger thread takes 4 days. Impressive! I had also asked Rita what her 3 favourite pieces from her new Spring collection were. Even though it was a tough choice since she loved all her pieces, she ended up showing me the following:

I really love this item that she showed me! Those shorts are the perfect staple piece for Summer!

If you don't know already, RAC Boutique is co-owned by these two beautiful ladies (second picture below) Glenna Weddle and Faith Orfus. They've have done a wonderful job in opening up such a lovely boutique, and they carry many fashion brands (especially Canadian designers) that you don't find anywhere else! If you haven't heard or read my post prior to this one, you should visit their one year anniversary celebration this upcoming Saturday!

A very special thank you to Rita Liefhebber and the ladies at RAC Boutique. I had a wonderful time, and will definitely return in the near future!

In the meantime, visit RAC Boutique's official website here. For more on Rita Liefhebber, visit her official website here.

Be sure to check back on my exclusive interview with Rita Liefhebber!

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