Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mass Exodus 2011: Zenith + Nadir Open Model Casting Call

On Saturday afternoon, I had the chance to trek down to my Ryerson campus to check out the Mass Exodus 2011: Zenith + Nadir Open Model Casting Call. The lovely ladies of Fashion Communications at Ryerson were very welcoming and were excited to have this casting call be featured on my blog. As I only had 1 hour (I had work later in the evening), I was lucky enough to catch 3 models try-out for this highly anticipated fashion show held annually for the graduating Fashion Design students.
As this was my first time attending such an event, I was excited and found it a valuable experience. So the procedures were as follows: models sign in using a form at the front desk, got their measurements taken, take a picture with their info card, then do their walk on a triangle and voila, done! Sounds simple, but it can be nerve-racking. Heck, if I was tall enough (I'm 5'0" by the way; sad, I know!) I'd try out as well. Oh well, maybe in another life-time! Then there's the decision-making process on which models to pick and choose for the show, and that is no easy task as well. I've been told that for the show each year, they need at least 150 models. As of right now, they are still in need of models plus back-ups, so if you're interested, contact castings.mx@gmail.com ASAP! Can't wait for the show. Keep up the great work ladies ;)

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