Thursday, February 10, 2011

Asian Invasion

Christian Dior Spring RTW 2008

Being Canadian-born, all I can say is that I am proud of my Asian roots and heritage when it comes to Asian-inspired fashion. Big name luxury designer houses have followed suit, and more and more Asian-inspired collections emerge even to this day. There's something about traditional Chinese clothing that intriques the Western culture, and I will tell you why.

Normally called the qipao, traditional Chinese dresses are delicate, yet intricate in detail. When it comes to embroidering and prints, nothing stands out than this type of clothing. Demure yet sexy, the qipao is often tight-fitting; consisted of a high slit along the leg and have been associated with high class society for a long time. Silk is often used to make the qipao, and it takes a lot of talent to stitch the intricate embroidery. What I love about fashion is that it has no boundaries, and having fashion to be culturally inclusive in a sense that different cultures inspire high-end designer collections makes me feel good.

Louis Vuitton Spring RTW 2011

 Chanel Pre-Fall 2010

 Givenchy Spring Couture 2011

Christian Dior Lady Blue Shanghai ad campaign

 As a bonus, check out the new Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 ad campaign:

This ad campaign was beautifully done. I love the intricate details and the bright colours that fit into the Spring/Summer season.

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