Sunday, June 5, 2011

Macy's Coming to Canada?

This sounds like great news, since many U.S. retailers are seeking business north of the border. So, is Macy's department store coming on Canadian soil?
 Not quite. I have heard rumours that Saks Fifth Avenue may be opening up a department store in the new Yorkdale expansion, but there are no confirmed details of that, but Macy's have announced that they are taking long distance orders from Canada. Yes, I would be wonderful to have a Macy's department store here, but this is a great start! Who knows, if long distance orders prove to be a big success, maybe they will reconsider opening up a retail location here? There have already been talks that the successful department chain is currently looking for potential Canadian spaces. Macy's will be offering shipping to Canada through a third party management company FiftyOne. The online catalogue has been reconfigured to fluctuate with the exchange rate, so this means cheaper items! Beware of shipping and duty though, as it may offset the cheaper pricing of the products. Yikes! Visit the Macy's official website today to place an order! Happy shopping!


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  1. Macy's please come to Toronto, Ontario CANADA !!