Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coco Rocha is the New Face of Jacob

Coco Rocha, famed Canadian Supermodel who has been on countless fashion magazines as well as walked the runways for Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and Chanel is the new face of Jacob's Fall 2011 ad campaign; and guess what? There will be zero photo-shopping involved!
Jacob, a Canadian retailer, has been implementing a "no retouching policy" in order to promote healthy images and lifestyles that is often questionable in the modelling industry (i.e. eating disorders, pressure to be thin). Who do they turn to help out with their new Fall 2011 ad campaign? Well it's none other than Canadian darling and top model Coco Rocha, who in my honest opinion, don't even need the extra finishing touches that a computer mouse and airbrush tablet can do. I give applaud to Ms. Rocha who is stepping forward and changing the fashion industry step-by-step by giving young girls a positive image and being real, and for that, all I can say is that the Canadian supermodel is beautiful on the outside and inside!

Here is what Coco Rocha had to say about the new Jacob ad campaign and photoshop on her blog:

"NO PHOTOSHOP - Photoshop use amongst professionals ranges from mild blemish removal to the complete rebuilding of human anatomy. We’ve seen it used well and we have certainly seen it used badly (for example, on 99% of all DVD covers). I’m excited to be able to announce that Jacob, the Canadian fashion brand, has asked me to be the face of their fall 2011 campaign with their new “no retouching policy.”

Bold move? Lasting trend?  Stay tuned for the results."

*Main Pic: Toronto Life//Source: The Gloss//Coco Rocha's blog*

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