Sunday, June 12, 2011

Killer Accessories: Micro Bags

A neat little trend that is happening these days are the micro bags. What is a micro bag? Well, a micro bag is just simply your favourite classic designer handbag shrunk into a smaller, more compact size. Read on to see what I'm talkin' about!
What's great about these micro bags are that even though they are petite, they can fit a lot of your personal belongings! You can also walk around hands-free since most of these micro bags can be worn cross-body. Versatility and cute? Yes please!

Here are a few of my picks of these very cute micro bags:

1. Celine Nano Luggage

The Celine Luggage bag is one of the hottest bags around, and yup, they have a micro version! I really do love this handbag; it's very versatile and very chic if you ask me. It also comes in an array of colours and leather combinations, so you will definitely have a hard time choosing a favourite!

2. Chanel Classic Mini

Ah, the Chanel handbag. Every fashionista's gotta have one, right? And here's another way to own a classic flap: own the mini version! Currently and unfortunately, the Chanel mini is discontinued, but from time-to-time, the luxury label does come out with seasonal colours. If you're ever on the lookout for one, I suggest snatching one off of Ebay. You never know, some boutiques might still have some in stock!

3. Lady Dior-Small Size

One of my all-time favourite handbags is the classic, and iconic Lady Dior by the house of Christian Dior. The mini version of the Lady Dior handbag is actually called the 'small' size, and is usually worn as an evening bag. The downside to this cute Lady Dior handbag is that it doesn't have a long shoulder strap and it is very petite; pretty odd since the medium and large sizes do come with a long strap.

4. Fendi Peek-a-boo Mini Satchel

Another favourite of mines is the Fendi Peek-a-boo satchel. Dubbed as an Hermes Kelly look-alike due the similar shape, Fendi's Peek-a-boo is one of the fashion house's most popular handbags, and celebs are crazy for them! Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Tisdale, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker and Canadian darling Rachel McAdams have all been spotted wearing this beautiful and most coveted handbag. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, it also comes in a micro version as well!

5. Prada Mini Bags

During the holiday 2010 season, Prada also came out with micro version of their most popular handbags. Currently, they are still available in Prada boutiques, and they are really cute!

6. Hermes Birkin Mini and Kelly Mini

The God of all handbags has a micro version as well! There are two types of Birkin 'minis'. One is the Birkin 25, which is the smallest Birkin size, but I will talk about the Birkin micro. Yes, there's an even smaller size than the 25. The mini wristlet version of the Birkin handbag is Limited Edition from the S/S `11 collection, and it is oh, so very cute! With that kind of money, I`d rather splurge on a full sized Birkin, don`t you think? Oh yes, Hermes also has a micro version of the Kelly as well.

I am personally loving this micro trend. Smaller is sometimes definitely better!

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