Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Out With the Old; In With the New Sales

It's that time of year where retail is a bit wonky. What do I mean by wonky? Well, it simply means that stores are trying their best to clear our their old Fall/Winter 2010 stuff to bring in the new Spring/Summer 2011 goods. Yes, and this is that time when sales are at its best (if they still have your size, that is). Click on the jump for this week's sales round-up!

Sporting Life is definitely one of my favourite stores to shop in when I am looking for that warm winter jacket or a pair of gloves and other accessories to keep me heated furing the cold months. Since Spring is almost here, Fall/Winter gear are being cleared and that means really good sales-and when I mean really good, I mean really good! Sale items are an additional 20% off, and that includes Juicy Couture and Parajumper winter jackets. Yes, it is not a mistake and I'll repeat it again...Parajumper winter jackets! Parajumper is a little brand that was featured in my Killer Winter Gear: Jackets, and they are rarely on sale! So, regularly they go at $995 a pop, but reduced down to $799 and add an additional 20% off, they come out to be $640+tax!!! What a steal! If you have been lemming for the PJ's and could not afford it if your life depended on it, I suggest you run over to Sporting Life now to get it! Sizes are very limited-the last time I checked they only had M/L/XL sizes left!

Banana Republic is a perfect store to get your office atttire or casual everyday wear. I love their cardigans and jackets! For a petite girl like me, their sizes fit perfectly (except for their dress pants, but that is a whole different story). Banana Republic is currently offering an additional 25% off already reduced prices, and their selection is huge! They have many styles and sizes left, so I would head there soon to get the good deal since I have no lcue how long this sale is going to last.

Little Burgundy is having an additional 50% off already reduced prices on boots only. This is most likely their last cut-you can never get a pair of boots for a price so cheap! Again, sizes are limited, so I'd suggest go there really soon to see if your size is still there.

Other than these really great not-to-miss sales, other shoe stores such as Town Shoes and Capezio are offering an additional 20-25% off the last ticketed price on sale footwear. Ohter clothing sales did not appeal to me, so it's not worth being mentioned in here. That's it for the sales round-up this time around. I'll keep you updated on other sales soon!

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