Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Happenin': Toronto Alternative Fashion Week

I know, LG Fashion Week hasn't finished yet, but I'm just excited that Toronto Alternative Fashion Week (a.k.a. FAT) is fast approaching. Toronto's fashion scene just keeps getting more exciting by the day!

 FAT will be held at 99 Sudbury Street from April 26-29. Advance tickets will cost $25 for a day pass or $70 for a week pass. You may purchase tickets at these locations:

Slinky/MOOG Audio: 442 Queen St West, 416-603-2600
Nathalie-Roze & Co.: 1015 Queen Street East, 416-792-1699
Method Lab: 148 Augusta, 416-875-6781 (Wed-Sunday)
Shop Girls: 1342 Queen Street West, 416-534-7467

If you are unable to purchase advance tickets, they cost $30 for a day pass and $70 for a week pass at the door.

Check out their official website for full schedule details.

Will YOU be going?

Yours truly,

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