Friday, March 25, 2011

Material Girl Collection by Madonna and Lola

This is a long overdue post, but here it is! My gal pal V and I ventured into The Bay on Queen a little while ago to check out the new duds from a line that has been recently launched: Material Girl Collection by Madonna. So far, I am impressed.
A few weeks before, I quickly scanned and glanced at the new collection, but was a little disatisfied, but when V and I went again to take a second look, I changed my mind. This collection is edgy, fun and cool. What I love about this clothing line is that it is affordable and age appropriate for the tween/teen queen in your life. What I noticed in terms of the trend in this collection are fun, flirty floral prints, blazers and bandage skirts. It's perfect for the summer. Although the quality isn't that great, you really can't complain price-wise. I mean, the most expensive item that I saw was approximately $60.00+ for a blazer.

This line was created by the original Material Girl herself: Madonna, who collaborated with her daughter Lourdes (Lola). The brand's spokesperson is none other than Fashion Police 'Officer' Kelly Osbourne, who I think is a perfect fit for the ad campaign. I believe Taylor Momsen was originally the spokesperson-I wondered what happened?

I had V model some of the clothing pieces from the collection. Needless to say, she ended up taking something home! Here are some of the looks styled by moi:

Here are a couple of snaps from the ad campaign featuring Ms. Kelly herself. I had to add in the Taylor Momsen shot just for comparison. Enjoy!

Material Girl is sold exclusively at The Bay. I heard it's getting pretty popular, as pieces tend to sell out quickly! Head over to your local The Bay today!

*A special thanks to V who helped me model the clothes. Love you!!!*

Yours truly,


  1. If you make it out to LG just look for the short girl with curly brown hair in the media pen ;)