Sunday, March 20, 2011

SSS: Lazy Sunday

Danier leather jacket/Banana Republic dress shirt/Blank NYC jeans/Ugg triple Bailey button boots/Dior Panarea tote

I love Sundays because it gives me a chance to 'dress down' a little bit. I know, it sounds ridiculous coming from a fashion lover, doesn't it?
When I mean 'dress down' I meant wearing flat shoes. Wearing heels all the time can be quite tiresome, I have to admit. Uggs are so comfortable and they transition well from cold weather to cool-like Spring weather. They are also perfect to wear when one is commuting around the city or walking around campus between classes, like myself. This pic was taken while my boyfriend and I were waiting to watch a movie together. Yes, I love going to the movie theatre! It's a nice little escape once in a while. This time we watched Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. He's been really popular ever since Hangover (can't wait for the sequel!) Remember when he was in Kitchen Confidential? It was hilarious! Too bad they canceled the show, but now it doesn't really matter since he's a big movie star now.

Yours truly,


  1. i'm obsessed with your lady dior tote so cute!! it's the perfect amount of classical mixed with edgy! love your leopard print scarf!

  2. Yes, I love the Lady Dior line just for the charms haha. It's interesting to see how a leather jacket can turn a blah outfit into an edgy outfit! The leopard print scarf is a no name brand that I got from Pacific Mall They have like everything there! ^_^