Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweet Indulgence

Lookie what I got; I got an 'IT' bag. Can you guess what it is?
Spring is almost here, and you know what that is?! It's my Birthday of course! What a wonderful way to celebrate my Birthday (and of course other accomplishments that I am proud of thus far).
It's a pretty large gift box, and if you look carefully, the lovely card says 'L'. That's right folks! My name begins with an 'L'! From now on, I will be referring to myself as 'L'. A Birthday reveal as well as a way for my readers to get to know myself a little bit more-I love this!
The anticipation of opening the box was killing me...what lovely wrapping!
The name on the dust bag says it all, but wait a minute, there is a hint of colour!

May I present to you my gorgeous new 2011 Balenciaga Nuage City with Giant Silver Hardware! I am absolutely in LOVE! The silver hardware really sparkles as well as brightens up the periwinkle colour.

I also added a little snowflake charm on it as well. Loves it! Adding a charm to your handbag gives it some personality, and it looks oh so good!

Some mod pics...

T by Alexander Wang shirt
Blank NYC jeans
Michael Kors python platform heels

A very special thank you to my lovely SA Natalie for helping me during this acquisition.

I am ready for Spring; I am ecstatic!!!

Yours truly,


  1. The bag looks absolutely gorgeous on you! The perfect choice! :)