Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joe Fresh Grand Opening @ Heartland Town Centre

I went to Heartland Town Centre with my mother today and I found this pretty thing-a free-standing Joe Fresh store! I was screaming for joy when I saw it; I HAD to go in right away. Too bad it wasn't open yet...

Key word is yet. Yes, that's right folks! Joe Fresh will be opening up this Thursday March 24th and I advise you to go! I am really, really excited! To my surprise, the store is huge!

Store hours are as follows:
Monday: Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday: 9:30am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

I'll be working that evening unfortunately, so please do share your experiences of the new store if you happen to be in the area!
Yours truly,


  1. oh thats nice about joe fresh opening there, here they sell it at grocery stores, no actually store for it. i wish there was though

  2. I know! I was so excited! Well, if Joe Fresh has any success with their free-standing stores, I'm sure they will hit in Ottawa soon after =) If anything, come by for a weekend since you're not too far from here.

  3. it's. amazing. love love LOVE this new standalone trend that Joe is picking up on!
    I went on the thursday - missing out on the wednesday special opening - and picked up tons of stuff... it was packed.
    can't wait until they restock on sizes too (which they may have already)....

  4. I would imagine it being packed on the first week of opening! Thank you for sharing your experience with me! I want to pick up some basic tees from Joe Fresh-the prices are amazing!