Sunday, July 31, 2011

SSS: Summer Lovin'

Calvin Klein dress shirt//Mango shorts//David Dixon sandals//belt from Pmall//Balenciaga SGH City

A bright coloured shirt, sandals and bright coloured handbag-I'm ready for summer! Oh, and can you tell that I got my hair did as well?
Summer weather has been at full force lately, and I am loving it! It's rare for Toronto to get such nice, beautiful warm weather. So, what did I do on this day (in the pic)? I went to get my hair highlighted! I was so bored with my previous colour, and my roots needed a touch-up, and so I opted to get honey coloured highlights when I came in the salon to initially colour my hair dark again. Something about highlights makes my skin glow! Summer is only for another month my friends, so enjoy it while you can (I hear so many people complaining about the hot weather). I in need of a weekend get-away soon? Oh, yes! I will have to wait until I finish my last placement at the end of August though, so fingers crossed that this wonderful summer weather will stay!

P.S. I should've tucked the dress shirt in-I guess I was going for the 'flowy', tunic look.

Yours truly,

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  1. I'm loving this outfit, L. Very cool! Nice combination of colours (your top is gorgeous and the bag is to die for!)
    One more month of summer left. Enjoy!