Saturday, July 9, 2011

Killer Accessories: Box Bags

Hermes Constance

Summer is here, and when it's summer, I really don't like to carry big, bulky bags.  What's a wonderful alternative you ask? Box bags! Yes! That's right, box bags! They are a must-have for all fashionistas alike, and I will tell you why after the jump.

Box bags should be on every person's bag wish list simply because they are classic, timeless, and very convenient to carry. Carrying box bags allows you to be virtually hands-free since you are wearing them cross-body. Oh, and don't let the size fool you. Even though they are small and compact, they can fit quite a bunch of things. How? These bags are really cool and unique since they have many pockets and flaps inside them to allow easy storage of many things, and these pockets and flaps also make it that much easier to locate items that you need all the time (lipstick, phone, keys, you name it!). What's also great about box bags is that they are very structured and hence, they will last you a really long time! The only downfall to these beautiful bags? They can be easily scratched up if you have long nails or if you tend to bump your bag into things a lot. The scratches are really noticeable, since the leather on these bags are really smooth and shiny. But if you really like the 'vintage' look, and don't mind the scratches, that's fine by me too!
Givenchy Coney Bag

Celine Box

Yves Saint Laurent ChYc 

Proenza Schouler PS11

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