Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dior Joaillerie: Le Bal Des Roses

Luxury label Christian Dior recently revealed their new haute joaillerie for 2011. The designer for Dior's fine jewelry is Victoire de Castellane, who has been designing the luxury brand's high-end jewelry for a number of years.
The name "Le Bal des Roses" represent Monsieur Dior's favourite flower, the rose. This collection is made from fancy coloured diamonds and opal, an extremely fragile stone which makes the craftsmanship of this jewelry line so much more exquisite and high-quality. Below are additional images of the pieces from the line. I absolutely love the earrings; it would take 2 lifetimes to own one of those! For more information and photos, visit the official website of Christian Dior.

*Photos courtesy of eminere of PurseForum*

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