Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Louis Vuitton Expanding on Bloor

There are many developments along Bloor St. lately, and one of them being that Louis Vuitton moving into a much larger space! No, it won't be your average Louis Vuitton boutique...
...When one says flagship, what comes to your mind? Grande, luxurious, huge selection, available in prominent areas; the list goes on! Well that's what Louis Vuitton also had in mind when it came to the Bloor St. location in Toronto. Have you seen the luxury brand's current two storey boutique? It doesn't really look like a flagship store when you compare it to the likes of Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York or even Las Vegas! Those boutiques are what you called flagship stores! Man, I would love to travel around the world to see the different shopping districts and beautiful boutiques!

Recently, the Vice President of Louis Vuitton Canada and Bermuda, Jean-Phillipe Hecquet, told some clients that the Toronto flagship would be moving to the north side of Bloor St. and tripling in size. I know this or a fact since hoarding has already been up on the building. The new flagship boutique will be near the Burberry store (across the soon-to-be The North Face; formally Puma). The current Louis Vuitton is approximately around 6,000 sq ft, so tripling that amount is around 20,000 sq ft.! This would only mean that the new Louis Vuitton flagship rivals alongside Tokyo, Hong Kong, Las Vegas since it will be the biggest location in Canada period! How exciting! The address is going to be 150 Bloor St. W, and is scheduled to open in the summer of 2012. I can't wait for this exciting move!

*Source: FASHION//Photos courtesy of ILVOELV*

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