Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rihanna Designs Capsule Collection for Emporio Armani

Following in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox, Rihanna has been chosen as the new face of Emporio Armani. Her new Autumn/Winter 2012 underwear ad campaign for the brand was released back in September, and now the feisty Talk That Talk singer can add 'fashion designer' to her name. Can you say multi-talented?
Rihanna's capsule collection with Emporio Armani will include two t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, two sets of lingerie (one in pearl grey and the other in cobalt blue), a black motorcycle leather jacket and a bucket-type backpack made of canvas and a vegan leather trim. The collection sounds delish! I really love how Rihanna interprets her bold and edgy style to create a collection that is suitable for everyday wear for the regular folk like myself. Here are some sketches and pics of the 'Rihanna capsule collection':

Proof that Rihanna helps design the capsule collection! She inspects fabric options for the new line.

Here is a short clip of Rihanna's ad campaign for Emporio Armani:

If you want to look like Rihanna (or a rock star for that matter), expect to see the new capsule collection at The Bay.

Here's a question for ya: Who do you like as Emporio Armani's underwear spokesperson more?

Victoria Beckham

Megan Fox

I personally think all three spokespersons added their own sexy touch to the brand; I really can't decide!

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