Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Dress Fit for a Swan...

...Bella Swan that is! I recently went out to watch the latest Twilight movie Breaking Dawn, and was enamoured by Bella's highly anticipated wedding dress. The dress was simple, elegant, and sexy.
The designer of the dress is Carolina Herrera who exclusively designed the dress for the movie based on the input of Twilight author Stephanie Meyer and Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon. The dress was made by hand by Herrera and four seamstresses and it took a total of six months to complete. The dress was made from crepe satin and French Chantilly lace.

The back of the dress is the showstopper of the scene as Bella walked down the aisle. The back line consisted of 152 buttons. Each sleeve of the dress includes 17 buttons.

The dress will be in Carolina Herrera’s 2012 collection and the estimated value of the dress is a whopping $35,000!

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